Self development

Nurturing growth during early childhood is important because this period is foundational in the cognitive development of toddlers and is responsible for shaping their perception of the world and the individuals they grow up to be.

Self-development refers to grooming oneself with a self-awareness that will help one understand, perceive and grow better. With this in mind, we at Upbringo have carefully curated, with our psychologists, a set of activities that will help preschools in achieving this goal.

Fun activities

These activities are an opportunity for kids to learn while playing and spending quality time with their parents instead of rote learning.

Art and craft activities

Art and Craft Activities

These activities stir creative thinking and inculcate hobby development in kids as they indulge in drawing, painting and various other craft forms.

IQ+EQ development sessions

IQ & EQ Sessions

These sessions focus on developing the intellectual as well as emotional capabilities of children.

IQ+EQ development sessions

Benefits of Self Development

  • Fosters cognitive learning.
  • Recognition of emotional and behavioural aspects.
  • Emphasis is on creative and imaginative skills.
  • Better communication and engagement with parents.
  • Promotes Group interaction.